KP is a system which amalgamates the scientific and time proven aspects of Hindu and Western astrology.

The natal chart reveals the unalterable past and probable future of any individual. Often times, however, the time of birth requires correction. The Ruling Planets, as advocated by KP, is a powerful tool in the hands of an Astrologer to rectify the birth time effectively.

The Horary 'Prashna' acts as a tool between the effects of planets and agitation of mind at the moment. The unique system in KP of 249 sensitive zones gives immense power to an Astrologer to delineate the Horary charts effectively.

The basic course of 4 weeks [two webinar sessions of one hour each per week on Wednesdays and Saturdays] aims at teaching all the basics of KP - twelve Houses.

Indian citizens residing in India, may kindly contact me for online payments 

So many techniques are available in Hindu astrology that one never knows which will suit whom and when

At vedjyotish I am focused on helping people understand their ways of life and what they are meant to become in life. I help people by predicting their horoscopes through an advanced system of Astrology-KRISHNAMURTI PADHATTI.

The advanced techniques which have been passed on by parampara,  not mentioned in the books, help in analysing the horoscope holistically and giving the correct guidance.                                                         
The real value of Astrology is in gaining strength to rise above the pain and thus overcome it and NOT in seeking means to avoid pain. karmas cannot be avoided and their results are inevitable.